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Alva Tech – ATER 2909

With a capacity of 150VA, the ATER 2909  E-Rickshaw Battery provides ample power to keep your e-rickshaw running smoothly and efficiently. Say goodbye to range anxiety and enjoy a worry-free ride, knowing that your battery can keep up with your daily commuting needs.

Upgrade your e-rickshaw with the ATER 2909 E-Rickshaw Battery and experience the benefits of dependable power and extended range. Don’t let power limitations hinder your daily operations. Order your ALVATECH850 E-Rickshaw Battery today and enjoy a smooth and efficient ride every time.


Model Number ATER 2209
Type Tubular
Capacity 150ah
Width 39.2 CM
Height 25 CM
Depth 17.5 CM
Dry Weight 26 KG
Net Weight 37 KG
Warranty  Summary 9 Months Replacement Warranty


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