Exclusive Range of

Quality Batteries

Exclusive Range of

Quality Batteries


About Us

Alvatech Batteries manufacturing facilities are equipped with world’s latest and most advanced machineries. The Company is constantly upgrading its technology and also acquiring new technology to meet the ever increasing demands of its customers. Our Vast experience in the field of battery make us capable to make the battery Which is suitable for you.

 We prioritize the safety and quality of our products to deliver our clients with integrity. We build sustainable value by achieving business and personal goals with the help of the latest technology.



Our Product Features

Fast Charging

Deep Cycle Application

Designed for Solar Application

Superior Performance

Highly Reliable

Ultra-Low Maintenance

Battery Applications




Home / Office Backup Systems

Fire & Security Systems

Home Inverters

Core Features

High Surface Carbon

Use of high surface carbon improves the discharge performance. This exhibits high capacity, excellent life cycle performance, reduces the irreversible lead sulphate on NAM & Improve the active material utilization for electrode batter performance. Reduces the capacity
/mileage drop during the ageing

Special Grade PE Separator

Use of special grade Poly Ethylene separator with increased back web thickness results higher life. Higher rib thickness allows availability of more electrolyte near the plates. Suitable for high oxidation environment for deep- cycle applications.

Micro Power Woven Gauntlet

Use of micro pores woven gauntlet based on polyester with optimum resin content having reinforced mechanical property (specially elasticity), allow maximum ionic transfer through gauntlet pores, low electrical resistance for batter capacity & consistent results throughout life.

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