Alva Tech – STT 25060

Designed for optimal performance and reliability, the STT25060 boasts a generous capacity of 250ah, ensuring a long-lasting power supply for your needs. With its tubular construction, this battery offers enhanced durability and efficient energy storage.

To ensure compatibility and seamless integration with your power systems, we recommend using the STT25060 with inverters ranging from 700va to 1500va. Rest assured, this battery is built to provide a reliable power source for a variety of applications.


Model Number STT-25060
Type Tubular
Capacity 250ah
Width 50.2CM
Height 44CM
Depth 19.1CM
Dry Weight 43KG
Net Weight 68KG
Recommended Inverter 700va to 1500va
Warranty  Summary 66 Months* (42Months Replacement Warranty + 24 Months Prorata Warranty)


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